Heart Shine Belgium


What Bioenergy healing is?

Bioenergy healing is based on the premise that each individual is surrounded by an electro-magnetic field of energy known as an `aura'. Bioenergy therapists work to clear any blockages in this energy as it flows through seven energy centres, known as chakras. It is largely a hands-off therapy, although there may be some laying on of hands. Bioenergy healing is a complementary therapy and not an alternative to medical advice.


This therapeutic treatment:

  • helps to release stress and clears the energy channels

  • helps to release trapped energy on emotional and soul level

  • helps to release stress generated by TV, computer and any electrosmog

  • improves state of health

  • is relaxing, resting and calming

  • prevents burnouts

  • positively effects emotions, the body and consciousness

  • reduces or stops headaches

  • awakens the self-healing ability of the body on a cellular level

  • relaxes the muscles of the body

  • calms down and balances the nervous system

  • kick-starts and rejuvenates the flow of energy system of the body by releasing blocks

  • activates the meridian system

  • fine-tunes your body and aura to a higher vibration

  • aids relaxing sleeps

  • renews the physical body on a cellular level and places it back into balance

What Heart Shine is?

Heart Shine is a 7th dimensional, pure, healing love energy, which changes your life and resolves your difficulties before you even realise it. Heart Shine is the gentle touch of unconditional love itself. The teachings of Heart Shine have been channeled by Erika Bartha.



“Heart Shine is a bridge between the realms of the Heavens and the Earth.

Heart Shine is a vision we bring from a higher world down here to Earth.

Heart Shine is a voice, the voice of our soul. When you start hearing it, it will change your entire life.

Heart Shine is a feeling, by which a memory is awakened in your soul.

Heart Shine is a touch through which the gentle touch of love wakes your body to this feeling.

A conscious connection between your body and your soul.

Heart Shine wakes up the real you, allowing you to see that you are a wonderful shine being in a human body.

Through It you will find your true self”.

Erika Bartha


Heart Shine Treatments

The Heart Shine Treatments the Heart Shine Awakeners arouse the connection between your soul and your heart with the energy of Rainbow-shine love, which activates your body’s ability to heal itself. Heart Shine treatments can support you: 

  • overcoming fear (phobia, panic attacks)

  • fertility issues

  • depression, demotivation, fatigue

  • handling relationship issues (with partner, parent, child, boss, teacher etc.)

  • handling lack of self-love and self-confidence or low self-esteem

  • reducing school stress for children, help with learning difficulties

  • handling addictions: drug, alcohol or any other

  • harmonise opened spiritual, psychic abilities

  • to have a relaxing pampering treatment, because you deserve it


Heart Shine Basic Treatment


The Basic Rainbowlight treatement starts with cleansing the aura (spiritual body) cleansing, which is followed by chackra and emotional body cleansing. The cleansing helps to release blocks from the different layers of the human body. It is a truly deep and wonderful healing method that helps you relax and it is excellent for prevention from illnesses. 

Once the cleansing is done, the chackras are charged with high resonance, healing love energy. This energy fine-tunes your whole energetic system and awakens the self healing ability of the body on a cellular level.  You can experience complete self acceptance, and you can discover the true values and talents hidden within you.

At the end of the treatment programs are given (based on the person's request) for improving the current life of  the patient. 


Please wear a comfortable outfit. 

Duration of the healing with consultation: 1-1,5 hours

Heart Shine Past Blocks Release Treatment

This deep healing therapy is recommended after 1-2 Heart Shine Basic treatments. During this treatment we release blocks, hurts, traumas and burdens from the past, which are stored deep within our physical- and energy body. We can access and bring to the surface the repressed blocks hidden in the deepest areas of the body (in our bones) with the fine resonance of the ostrich feathers.  We release the low resonance emotional blocks, which cause halts in our lives and illnesses in our body, then we fine-tune the body to a higher resonance to receive the vibration and energy of health and joy.

It is advised to wear underwear or a short only during the healing session.

Duration of the healing with consultation: 1,5-2 hours

 Heart Shine Positive Energy Planning

With this Heart Shine technique we can protect your home, workplace, environment, yourself and your loved ones from all kinds of negative influences. It helps to protect inner space or larger areas. It can be used on a property, on your car, at your business.

During the Energy Planning session the required space is cleaned and recharged with living, high vibrating energy. As a result the space will allow and accept only good vibes; such as health, love, joy, wealth; to come in.


Duration of a session: 1,5-2 hour

 Heart Shine Stress Release Treatment

This Heart Shine treatment is a supplement to the Heart Shine Basic Treatment. In the everyday life we experinece a lot of stress which effects our nervous system. The stress can come form an unusual sound, a stimulus on the way to work, conflicts with our partner or children at home, stress at work, etc. As a result of the stress, the neural pathways in the brain narrow and the circulation in these neural pathways slows down. If we don't eliminate the stress, over time the stress cause physical symptoms, tiredness and fatigue. With this technique we regulate the energy pathways of the brain. As a result you will feel an overwhelming calmness, you will be more free and relaxed. Your ideas will be unleashed, you will see the world more positively. Furthermore, it helps to change our way of thinking, our creative energies and our whole life. This treatment is especially recommended for those struggling with anxiety, panic, addictions, lack of self-confidence and self-love.

Please wear a comfortable outfit. 


Duration of the healing with consultation: 1-1,5 hours