Heart Shine Belgium

We bring balance in your body & soul

Welcome to Heart Shine Belgium!

Heart Shine Belgium is a bioenergy healing centre using the energy of Rainbow-shine love. This therapeutic healing treatment helps to maintain people’s mental health and creates balance in their lives and bodies. It helps to reduce the constant stress, and the related physical symptoms, find inner peace, recharge and rejuvenate in the rush of everyday life. The Heart Shine techniques reveal the spiritual cause of diseases and teach you how to waken the self-healing ability in your body.

What is Heart Shine?

Heart Shine is a 7th dimensional, pure, healing love energy, which changes your life and resolves your difficulties before you even realise it. Heart Shine is the gentle touch of unconditional love itself.



“Heart Shine is a bridge between the realms of the Heavens and the Earth.

Heart Shine is a vision we bring from a higher world down here to Earth.

Heart Shine is a voice, the voice of our soul. When you start hearing it, it will change your entire life.

Heart Shine is a feeling, by which a memory is awakened in your soul.

Heart Shine is a touch through which the gentle touch of love wakes your body to this feeling.

A conscious connection between your body and your soul.

Heart Shine wakes up the real you, allowing you to see that you are a wonderful shine being in a human body.

Through It you will find your true self”.

Erika Bartha